Finessed Brute Force Content Marketing

There is no niche or market position not susceptible to a Brute Force Content Marketing Campaign.  

Finessing such a campaign can hasten the results, but those thinking they are safe from all comers are sadly mistaken.

Doubt that?  Connect with a marketing agency or consultant.  

If you wish to unseat a behemoth in your industry, we can help.  

If you want to remain the behemoth, we can assist there too.

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Affordable SEO

Affordable SEO Is Not An Oxymoron

SEO tends to have an expensive reputation.  Search Engine Optimization can in fact be quite involved.  Going after highly competitive search term rankings can be quite a complex undertaking, and can cost a pretty penny.   That does NOT mean that getting targeted...
Less Selling Means More Buying

Marketing Mindset: Less Selling Means More Buying

Addressing Marketing Mindset is an important issue to any business owner concerned with growth, profitability, and market share.   While a different discipline than Brand Strategy, it is an integral part of the whole and equally pervasive to your business...
Content Marketing

Market Disruption Is Not a Marketing Strategy

Market Disruption isn’t a marketing strategy, yet has become the most overutilized term in marketing today. Before you can create content about disrupting your market, you need to know how you will do it, and first learn if your market even needs it.

Content Marketing

Use Content Marketing To Tell A Better Story

Seth Godin says that people don’t buy products and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.   What better way to do all of that than with Content Marketing? Using your content to tell a better story means opportunity.   Opportunity to tell a better story...
SEO Microblogs

Write Titles and Subtitles Directly on Google

The titles and subtitles in your articles or blog posts are the most important thing you will write from an SEO standpoint.  These tell Google's spiders what your article is about more than anything else.   While there are many quality tools out there to assist...
Content Marketing

Repurpose Content in Multiple Formats

Content Marketing is a quality game at its heart, but a numbers game as well.  When you write an article, why stop there?   An article has potential in just about any format you can think of.  Create a PowerPoint presentation, and each slide is an individual...
Write Quality Content

Six Content Marketing Secrets For Your Website

A lot of people talk and write about content marketing.  Mostly they tell you how important it is, but rarely do they tell you what is really important to include in your website content. Writing articles as website content is anything but new.  There are secrets to...
Article Writing

Article Writing for Content Marketing and SEO Value

  Writing articles is one of the most constructive things you can do for your website in terms of both content marketing and SEO value. Well written articles will build your authority in the marketplace, making you the expert in your field.  Crafted properly with...
Competitive Niches

Position Your Business In Competitive Niches with Content Marketing

In highly competitive niches, the biggest difference between market leaders and the rest of the crowd is quality content marketing. There is no better way to show that your business is the authority in your niche that a brand strategy with content marketing at its core.

Quantity AND Quality

Applying Brute Force Content Marketing – Quantity AND Quality

Many products, agencies and marketing professionals offer a brute force approach to Content Marketing.  Using a mass quantity approach to the discipline has been done with mixed results for years, back to the days of bot software creating spam links for SEO purposes....
Cumulative Effect

The Cumulative Effect of Content Marketing

Lots of people new to Content Marketing get discouraged by their initial results.  Not that these are insignificant, but they are not what they see the leaders in their market getting, and the differential is daunting.  Seemingly insurmountable. Initial Content...
Purpose Driven

Purpose Driven Content Marketing is Effective Content Marketing

Creating content for your website and marketing efforts is not enough. You must create that content driven by the purposes you are seeking to fulfill. Otherwise Content Marketing success is unlikely.

Hard Learned and Well Earned

Content Marketing Wisdom 6 – Hard Learned and Well Earned

  Welcome to installment #6 of the Content Marketing Wisdom slideshow!  Feel free to clip individual slides, post the entire slideshow to your website, or page and to use this content any way you see fit or find useful.     Content Marketing Wisdom 6...
Why use Content Marketing

Understanding the Purpose of Content Marketing is Vital

With Content Marketing it is important to do as Simon Sinek says and start with the why. Examine the purposes behind Content Marketing, and you will be amazed at how versatile and effective it can be.

SEO Strategy

The Death of Content Marketing as SEO Strategy – Not

Proclamations of Content Marketing’s death as an SEO Strategy are unlikely. Google’s updates show over and over again that what they value is quality, relevant, content.

Hard Learned and Well Earned

Content Marketing Wisdom 5 – Hard Learned and Well Earned

  Creating this series of slideshows on Content Marketing Wisdom has been a blast.  We add new ones as they come to us, and when a slideshow seems full enough we publish it to Slideshare,net and then here on our website.  We have had requests to publish...
Fast SEO Results

Use Content Marketing To Get Top Google Rankings in 10 Minutes

Getting top three Google rankings can be done simply and quickly by applying these principles consistently with your content marketing. It’s a little art and a little science.

Content Marketing

Getting SEO Results from Content Marketing

Content Marketing will get you the SEO results you seek. Apply these strategies and attract the targeted hungry website visitors every site and business owner needs.

Content Marketing

Content Marketing – The Most Important Part of SEO

Content Marketing can overcome a multitude of marketing sins, but nowhere is it more important than your SEO. Quality content posted properly will overcome poor internal website SEO, and get you that targeted search engine traffic website owners desire above all else.

Hard Learned and Well Earned

Marketing Wisdom 4 – Hard Learned and Well Earned

These Marketing Wisdom slideshows have been getting a lot of attention both here and on Slideshare.  The whole idea is to get the marketing ideas to flow.  Sometimes they are about good ideas, and sometimes revealing some not so good.  Always a good idea to know! ...
Social Media Ad Campaigns

Paid Social Media Marketing Campaigns Require Unique Skill-Sets

Running paid social media ad campaigns is great because it is really easy to tell if it is successful.  Simply subtract the cost of the ad campaign from the profit generated by the resulting sales. Simple enough right?  Simple, yes.  Easy?  Not so much. What makes...

Slideshare – The Content Marketer’s Dream

Slideshare IS a content marketers dream. Owned by LinkedIn but ignored by the majority of content marketers. It’s functionality can be described as YouTube for Powerpoint and PDF files.
You can (and should) embed these items on your website, just as you would with a video from a sharing site like YT or Vimeo.

Market Disruption

Social Distancing As Market Disruption – Evolve Or Die

Usually when thinking of disrupting business markets, we think of Disruptive Innovation.  Businesses like Amazon, and Uber come to mind. It is pretty hard to deny that the enforced social distancing we have endured as a result of the COVID=19 pandemic is market...
Gauging Business Opportunities

Gauging Business Opportunities In A Post COVID-19 World

No one can deny that COVID-19 has changed the business world, and climate drastically.  From main street to Wall Street, there is a new standard for normal.  How, when, or if things can return to any semblance of our old standards is yet to be seen.   It's said...

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