At first glance, Best Online Marketing Consultants might seem a bit presumptuous as a business name.  The fact is, that it isn’t in the least.  Why?  Because you are probably applying the word Best incorrectly.


There are literally thousands of Online Marketing Consultants available today.  Locally, regionally, and internet wide there are so many that the idea that one could be labelled as “Best” is fairly laughable.  Which is why that’s not what our name means.


The Best Consultant?


There are many big names out there that would definitely be in the running for that title such as Frank Kern, and Seth Godin.  Each of them do entirely different things, and could easily be considered the best there is at what they do. Many would point to Willie Crawford who practically invented Online Marketing to be the ultimate consultant. He does completely different things as well, concentrating on very specific types of projects.

We are located in the Tampa, FL area which has a number of marketing agencies that are as good at what they do as anybody you could find on the internet.  They seldom compete head to head though.  Why?  You guessed it: They concentrate on different types of clients and projects.

Do you run a medical practice?  Then you would likely do well to contact our friend Sharon Fekete, The Doctor Whisperer.  There are other marketing firms that get even more specialized, only serving Chiropractor’s, or Dentist’s marketing needs…

So the term “Best” is a bit too subjective to be used as a measuring stick when selecting a consultant.


The Best Online Marketing?


This could also seem at first to be subjective, and it is in many ways but the possibility of finding the Best Online Marketing methods, strategies, and media for your business is real.  Real, but problematic for most business owners.

Navigating the ever changing technology alone is tricky.  The social media world is no less daunting, and the paid traffic markets of Google Adwords, Facebook ads, etc. is tricky enough to require expert guidance to avoid wasting huge amounts of revenue.

This is why Online Marketing Consultants exist.  Because staying abreast of the rapidly changing landscape of these worlds is a full time job.  One that if you are also keeping up with an entirely different business world just isn’t practical to take on.

This is where we come in.


Finding The Best Online Marketing Consultants


When you start talking to marketing firms and consultants, this is what you are looking for.  People that will dedicate themselves to finding the best online marketing for your business.

This can and will vary from niche to niche, and even from business to business within a niche.  This will depend on how a business is positioned withing their niche, their market segment, and their relative local market.

Find consultants that you can communicate well with.  This will have a lot to do with how successful your relationship will be.  Make sure they have a grasp of the technology being used in your market, as well as what you are already using.

Not surprisingly, the toughest aspect of this is the marketing budget.  Discuss at length how to put together a realistic and sustainable marketing budget, including their fees.  These few items openly discussed will help you identify the Best Online Marketing Consultants for you.




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