Content Marketing covers everything from writing articles like this one, to creating branded images, PowerPoint presentations, videos, and social media posts. There are also the creatives that go into paid marketing campaigns on sites like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


These all come together to make up what is referred to as your “voice” within your Brand Strategy.


For this voice to be consistent, and therefore recognizable, these different formats of content must be created in concert so to speak.  Which brings up a pressing question…


Who Is Your Content Marketing Creation Team?


Most companies are doing a fair amount of this in house.  If they are having some of it made outside of their own staff, it is usually spread between several sources.

There are a great many resources available that can make it quite easy for the layman to create branded images, Powerpoints, and even unique branded videos.  Many times, these are just as good as can be found among those created by professionals.

Lay people, and varied sources can and do create high quality content every day.  Seldom do they work in concert to produce that content with a single consistent voice.  That look, feel, sound, and content that is easily identifiable as coming from your business.  A voice that identifies you as the authority in your specific marketplace, and the nexus of where people want to go for those products and services.

This makes the question a lot more than hypothetical.  If you don’t address this issue, and position yourself with a consistent, professional, and knowledgeable voice, your competitors will.  


Who Should Make Up Your Content Marketing Creation Team?


In most cases, your best bet is a full service Marketing Agency, or Marketing Consultancy. 

Their job is to create the content, or have it created with a voice appropriate to you and your business.  It is easy to see how this spreads across every aspect of your digital footprint.  From logo design, your website, and social media accounts to your marketing campaigns, YouTube Videos, and Powerpoint Presentations.

Think about those online brands that you consistently do business with.  Notice how everything connects with everything else. No piece of their footprint stands alone.  They point to one another in look, feel, and voice. Their parts tend to connect literally to one another via links and reference.  The fabric of their existence is made of the same whole cloth.

This is what you buy with your marketing dollar spent with full service marketing professionals.  Seamlessness.  Plus, the know how to pull things together when things go wrong.

Have your or a colleague ever been hit with a bad review, that however undeserved gave your business a black eye?  The answer to that is professional content creation.  That’s right!  Review response is a function of good content creation.

An unhappy customer needs to receive a reply in that same voice the public has come to know and expect from you.  Believe me, they are watching.  Let them see an unreasonable reviewer for what they are.  You win!  People want to do business with people that bend over backwards to make things right.  Even when the other party won’t accept it.


Put Together Your Content Marketing Creation Team


While it is true that you may be able to put together a team yourself that can accomplish the goals outlined here, that can be penny wise and pound foolish.  When you use broad based marketing organizations, you can get package pricing that includes a lot of things without additional charge.  Earlier articles noted that Webmaster services are one such item.

Our pay per click campaigns, for example will usually lower our clients cost per lead so far that it covers the rest of their monthly fees.  This is true of several types of paid marketing campaigns.  Working these campaigns day in and day out allows professionals to obtain results nearly impossible for anyone also working inside their own business.  Managing say, a pest control company or a busy restaurant leaves little time for split testing of landing pages, and keyword research.

Selecting a Marketing Firm is mostly about finding someone that can cover all your needs, but also make the experience a pleasant one.  Go ahead and fill out the form below, or in the sidebar and get a no cost consultation.  We can help you identify your needs even if we can’t provide your team.  We can only work with a select number of companies at a time, and our fees range from $5,000-$10,000/Month.

We love helping businesses create a strategy to meed their marketing goals.  Please feel free to contact us for this no obligation consultation.  There is zero pressure to buy anything.






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