Creating this series of slideshows on Content Marketing Wisdom has been a blast. 

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  • 1. MARKETING WISDOM 5 Hard Learned and Well Earned
  • 2. When in doubt, create content and distribute it through your website and social media channels. Interacting with your ideas will bring clarity. When some of it gains traction, take note of how and where that happened. You just fulfilled the main function of a marketing professional. You tested, you measured, and you reacted accordingly. You rock!
  • 3. If we have learned one thing in the first half of 2020, it is not to take our business priorities for granted. What was vital to our business at years beginning doesn’t make our top ten a few short months in. Flexibility and agility are the most valuable attributes a business can have. Which was just as true before all of this, we just were not as aware of it as we are now.
  • 4. If your Brand Strategy can not accommodate shifting business climates, it needs work. Nothing can be assumed any more. Many businesses that are thriving in early 2020 are mostly doing so using drastically different business models than they used a few short months ago. Adaptability is the number one success trait in today’s business world.
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  • 6. Having labored to develop a coherent “Voice” for your business’s Brand Strategy, as you adapt to shifting realities don’t abandon it. If you have done your work well it will still be applicable, just in differing ways. Your “Voice” should still be identifiable as your “Voice”. It just may have different things to say and share.
  • 7. The need to regularly assess the assumptions section of business plans has been underscored as never before. Business plans may need to be created with differing sets of assumptions to address the known unknowns of today’s business climate within each market niche. Failing to reassess your assumptions is irresponsible in the extreme, and potentially fatal to your business.
  • 8. The interruption many businesses are experiencing in the first half of 2020 should be anything but down time. Plan for contingencies and be adaptable to creative solutions to the ability to reopen in new and flexible ways. Doggedly pursuing a complete return to a preconceived notion of normal may not be in your business’s best interests.
  • 9. It is said that the best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is today. The best time to write a comprehensive Brand Strategy is before you launched your business. Today is still the best time to write one.
  • 10. Staying up to date as to technical, legal, and regulatory issues within your business is not something you let go. Keeping your Brand Strategy relevant to your business shouldn’t be either. Your “Voice” needs to reflect your current business reality. If it doesn’t, then what was the point to begin with? Use your “Voice” to say things that matter!




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Brand Strategy In A Post COVID-19 World

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