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  1. 1. CONTENT MARKETING WISDOM 6 Hard Learned and Well Earned BestOnlineMarketingConsultants.com
  2. 2. Arbitrage is at the heart of every successful business model. If you cannot find a way to provide a product or service to the market for less than they are willing to pay, you don’t have a viable business. Part of that includes doing so ethically, and without burdening society in the process. Now find a compelling story to tell about that business, and that is how you market that business.
  3. 3. Remember that people are online for entertainment above all else. Even when they are seeking answers to problems they are trying to solve. This means that while you educate, you need to also entertain. Edutainment some call it. Have fun with your content. If you are not having fun creating it, end users will not enjoy consuming it.
  4. 4. The Google dance is not really all that complicated: Write for your audience, but format for the spiders
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  6. 6. Content Marketing Vs Paid Ad Campaigns? Who says you have to pick just one? You shouldn’t pick just one.
  7. 7. Create content that feels good and you will be halfway to creating business relations that feel good. If you can’t create business relationships that feel good, then create a business model where you can.
  8. 8. Running paid ad campaigns for yourself can save you the percentage of ad spend that professional agencies charge. It can cost you far more in lost conversions. Professional agencies specializing in running paid ad campaigns on Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram, etc. can achieve conversion rates four to five times what all but very few are likely to achieve. That percentage saved is nothing compared to the revenue lost.
  9. 9. Seth Godin says that people no longer buy products and services, they buy Relations, Stories, and Magic. Does that sound like work to you? If what you are currently doing in your business feels like work, you are on the wrong path. Create a path that feels like you are heading for Magic.
  10. 10. Few products or services are truly for everyone. Which means that the story your marketing tells should not be for everyone either. Remember to tell your story to the “Smallest Viable Audience” because otherwise you are talking to the air. That group of people are the ones that will not just use your product or service. They are the ones that will get excited or passionate about your story.

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