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Content MarketingA good content marketing strategy is a vital part of your brand strategy.  If affects every other aspect of your online marketing.


Good content overcomes a multitude of other issues.  On site SEO is important, but without it good content can and will get you great Google placement for your keywords. 

Social media is at the forefront of most business people’s marketing concerns.  What you post to those platforms is as important as how they are set up.  Posting quality content within a well thought out content marketing strategy on social media will get high quality, targeted traffic. 


Creating such a strategy isn’t as complicated as you might think.  Here is where to start: 

        • Will it reflect the voice of your brand strategy? – The voice is as vital part of your content marketing as your brand strategy. 
        • Every piece of content published needs an objective. – Spell out what percentage of your content of each type will be for lead generation, sales driven, email list building, educational, reputation building, branding, etc. Then follow these in harmony with results but document changes.
        • What types of content will you publish? – Written Articles, Whitepapers, Images, Video, and Powerpoint Presentations are all good formats to consider. 
        • Who will create each type? – Will it be handled internally?  Is that feasible? A plan for creating each type of content is necessary. 
        • How frequently will you publish each of these? – A content calendar is important.  Dates and times should be included as well as timing for each platform.

 This list isn’t exhaustive, but will get you well beyond started on an effective content marketing strategy.

An important part of this process is the ability to convey the varied aspects in a quantifiable way.  This means this all needs to be written down, and not just in your head.  The best way to accomplish this is by working on this with others.  Whether you have sufficient staff to have a marketing committee if not department or not, get someone to help you with this. 

Marketing agencies, or consultants are good options of course, but not absolutely necessary if you are willing to spend some time getting educated on all of this. 

Feel free to scroll down and ask for a no-cost consultation, and our team will be happy to get you on the right track. 

The act of writing out a plan for your content marketing is the hardest part, but arguably the most important.  The calendar should be created immediately once you have your written plan. 

This plan is of course, a part of your Brand Strategy, which should also be a written document. Keep these accessible, and refer to them frequently.  They are dynamic plans that you will be adjusting over time. 

Your business will evolve, so these written plans will need to as well.  None of this works well in a vacuum.  Don’t try to do this in your head, but consult with the same people you created these plans with. 

Successful marketing of any type doesn’t happen accidentally.  Randomly catching lightning in a bottle isn’t a strategy.  Creating a written plan for each arena of your marketing is the only way to guarantee you will know what is working, and what isn’t. 

Take the time.  Do it right.





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