Crowdfunding Campaigns That Successfully Launch Your Business

Crowdfunding Campaigns are more common than ever, and an established vehicle for business venture funding.  There are more Crowdfunding programs than ever before, with more coming available all the time.

It also gets more difficult to successfully fund most ventures using these programs.

Mostly they have become a victim of their own success.  The more stories that spread about projects raising millions online through Indiegogo or Teespring, the more we see campaigns get launched.  Many of these with little to no hope of ever fully funding.  It’s easy to get lost in the crowd.

At Best Online Marketing Consultants, we use all of this to your benefit.  There are Pros and Cons to any method you choose, and we excel at emphasizing those Pros and eliminating the Cons.

Funding business ventures is the fastest growing segment of our practice.  It is really only logical, as we come to know our client’s businesses intimately and can craft funding campaigns that are not just appropriate to their brand strategy, but also that don’t expose them in dangerous ways to their project’s eventual launch and success.

It is no secret that today’s business climate is at an all time high for competition.  As such, exposing a business plan via any funding campaign including crowdfunding can be dangerous even with the strongest of NDNC agreements in place.

Our consultants have met with prospects that have had their product, or project flat out stolen while they were still negotiating in good faith with the thieves.  When confronted with their larceny, the response was a smile and a shrug of the shoulders.

This is avoidable.

At BOMC we protect our clients by doing what we call Crowd-sourcing your Crowdfunding.   We raise capital for our clients without exposing their business plans at all.  There is zero chance that BOMC Crowdfunding Campaigns will create your own competition.  Our unique methodology utilizes multiple platforms and processes to raise your capital without sacrificing equity in your project, or saddling the venture with debt.

Our methods have been proven successful for projects of any size, and in any market niche.  Real Estate acquisition is as good as tech startup for us.  Your app development project can be funded just as easily as purchasing a fleet of vehicles or aircraft.

Most projects have a twelve month completion deadline, but we can accommodate six to nine month completion.

The best way to find out if BOMC Crowdfunding Campaigns are right for you is through a no cost/no risk consultation: 



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