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by | Apr 21, 2020

Facebook is usually the first place businesses start when they decide to market on social media.  Why wouldn’t it be?  Facebook has more consistent daily users than any other platform.

Getting started on any new platform can be daunting.  The video below is a compilation of the best video tutorial we’ve seen covering not just Facebook Ads, but marketing there on Pages, promoting posts, etc..  It takes you from primer level, to some fairly advanced understandings of this behemoth of a social media platform. 

Watch the video, and then think about the possibilities Facebook offers marketing your business or organization. 

Then let’s talk about it!





Getting familiar with the Facebook Ad Platform is important, because is is also what you will use to market on Instagram. Check out our Instagram Ad Video Training as well.

While no single social media property is perfect for every business model, all but professions like Architects, Medical Research, Engineering, IT, etc. will find Facebook a property with uniquely wide appeal.

We encourage our clients, and all that we consult with to adopt a Brand Strategy that is very generous in nature, and this needs to be pervasive throughout your Pages, posts, and paid ads as well. 

We offer training like this to encourage businesses to not just market using social media sites like Facebook, but to establish themselves in the marketplace with a voice that exemplifies a generosity of spirit that inspires others, and draws them to you, your business, and therefore your products and services.

The form below will allow you to get a consultation costing you nothing but a little time.  The fairly extensive questionnaire allows us to maximize what we can do for you in that consultation.  Not only is there no monetary cost involved, there will be no pressure to buy anything from us.  Ever.

We can only take on a few new customers each month, and those come on for anywhere from $5k to $50k/month.  So this is your chance to pick the brains of a high paid consultant without spending more than the time it takes to fill out the form.  You will be rewarded with a high impact to your businesses marketing with what feels more like a low key chat.


Please!  Take advantage of Best Online Marketing Consultants!!



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