There is no lack of content on Marketing to apply while building the Brand Strategy for your business.  It is easy to become overwhelmed, as it all sounds good, but how do you decide what to implement?


All of it, none of it, or a hybrid?

Is the information valid if you don’t apply it on it’s own?  How do you know what applies to your business and what doesn’t?

The question in the title is how we figure this out.  Do you hire Seth Godin, Simon Sinek, or Frank Kern.


You may not be familiar with these names.  If you are going to address the marketing needs of your company, you should be aware of their work, if not them personally.  So examining their work will teach us a lot.


Should You Hire Seth Godin?


Seth Godin is the author of such classic marketing titles as Purple Cow Marketing, and Tribal Seduction.  He blogs at and you can listen to his weekly podcast on most platforms under the title of Akimbo.

Seth is one of those centers of influence that immediately make sense when you hear them.  His work is centered around where marketing fits into our universe, world, culture, and marketplace.  He is the macro-est of all marketing theorists.

As you build a brand strategy, and a voice for your business, Seth is arguably the first authority to seek.  You will learn the questions to ask yourself, and frequently the answers to your own questions as well.  Seth is your philosopher of marketing, and business.

You need to “hire” Seth Godin.


Should You Hire Simon Sinek?


Simon Sinek has the second most watched Ted Talk of all time:  Start With The Why

Listening to what he teaches helps us to understand how to reach our target audience.  This talk, like most of his work is about what will motivate our prospects to interact with us, and choose to do so by purchasing our products and services.

These insights are invaluable on all levels of marketing, and allow us to further develop the voice of our Brand Strategy.  This dials in from the extreme macro of Seth discussed above, and augments his philosophy with knowledge of the individual as a generic whole.  Simon is the Psychologist of marketing, and business.

You need to “hire” Simon Sinek. 


Should You Hire Frank Kern?


Frank Kern is all about the micro in the marketing world.  He sells excellent courses teaching how he has made millions of dollars with marketing campaigns of his own making.  He is arguably the most successful guerrilla marketer of all time.

Frank designs, writes copy, and split tests his campaigns continuously.  He knows click through rates, conversion rates, and how they differ depending on traffic source.  You may have seen his campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, or in an app on your phone.  If there is a source of targeted traffic, Frank has tried it and knows how to utilize the available tools to customize user experience.

This is where the tire meets the road.  If you are going to run marketing campaigns of any sort, you need to learn what Frank knows and apply it to your own business.  Frank is the Mechanic of marketing, and business.

You need to “hire” Frank Kern.


“Hiring” Your Marketing Team


So you’ve just been told that you need to hire three of the most expensive names in marketing for your business.  In addition to your website development team, SEO, social media managers, and marketing campaign people for Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram and the like.

If you are thinking that this doesn’t seem realistic, or financially feasible, you are correct.  Few, if any, businesses can afford to do this.  It’s not what I mean when I say that you need to hire Seth, Simon, and Frank.

You need to hire them by making sure that your marketing team has a Philosopher, a Psychologist, and a Mechanic.  You don’t get these by hiring an array of individuals.

Applying the principles all the way from macro to micro in the marketing and business world is the job of a full service marketing agency, or consultant.  At the very center of your marketing team is needed someone to balance these disciplines.  Few business owners have the time to do so.

If you take some time out to familiarize yourself with the basics of Seth Godin and his philosophies on how your business and marketing interact with the world and culture, you can work with an agency or consultant to implement them.

If you take the time to listen to Simon Sinek and his conception of connecting with the why that motivates your prospects to take action on your campaigns you will likewise be able to work with people to do so.

Taking the time to get what Frank Kern and other direct response marketers do will give you the understanding needed to work with your team in fine tuning your efforts to see what doesn’t work, so you can move on from it, and what does work, so you can do more of it.

If is a big word for those two little letters.  If you can fill all three of these roles and still run your business effectively, and profitable then that is wonderful.  For most people, this isn’t a possibility.  Then you need to hire an agency, or a consultant that can be all of these and more.

This is a lot more economical than it sounds.  We will discuss condensing your marketing team in future posts. 

Applying these concepts in your business may need a more in depth conversation. Want to chat with us?  Click below.



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