The most overused term in marketing today is Market Disruption


The most overused term in marketing today is Market Disruption.  Most using it, don’t even know what it means.


Market Disruption is a Business Strategy that addresses the fundamental nature of a product or service in a way that changes its market in a significant way.


This may also be more about the way those products or services are brought to market as is the case with Uber, and AirBnB. 


The difference is not subtle.  Market Disruption can and should be reflected in the stories told by your content, but the term itself should be unnecessary.


If you need to tell the readers of your content that you are disrupting your market, likely you are not.  It should be self evident.


Decisions about the need for disruption in your market should come well before discussions about the story your content will tell.


That story needs to be about the dramatic difference you are making in the market.  Make that difference before you tell the story.


When Market Disruption occurs first, then and only then do you have what makes for great content. 


A better story to tell.



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