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The internet age has replaced direct response mail campaigns with a new vehicle that’s even more lucrative:  Paid marketing campaigns on the top social media platforms.

They offer the most in depth audience creation interfaces you can imagine.


Couple that with the largest databases of users the world has ever seen, and the opportunities are beyond imagining.  So are the chances to drop a huge pile of cash trying to master each platform.  It’s all about education, split testing, and analyzing results. 

Experience is hard won, and tends to be expensive.  Learning the Facebook Ads Platform is a great place to start because it also gives you access to Instagram, which they also own.  Get started with your education here:



Instagram AdsNow you know the rules and the field of play.  You’re in the game.  Here is where the real money is made, or lost.  The way to be certain that you fall into the former group and not the latter is simple:  Test and measure, test and measure.  Do more of what works, and eliminate (or better yet, tweak) what doesn’t. 


The difference in results between the people that do this every day, and those that do this to save some marketing dollars is exponential.  I’ve seen exponentially differing results between professionals as well.   

This means that even as a DIYer, it helps to have some help.   

Click below, and get some of that help gratis. 

No cost, and no sales pressure.  We have no expectation of selling anything at all. 

We do expect to help insure you don’t lose a bundle learning the ropes.




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