On our various webinars and  videos, we have spoken of various online marketing tools and resources that we use, and therefore recommend.  We never recommend anything that we don’t use ourselves.  From WordPress themes and plugins to social media automation tools and websites, it’s all about finding what works. 

We will be updating this page regularly  

We’ve broken them down into categories to make it easier to find what you are looking for:

WordPress Themes, Plugins and Resources


We primarily use one theme:  The Divi Theme by Elegant Themes


Link Juice Keeper: A very important plugin for SEO purposes is called Link Juice Keeper.  Simply search for this term on the plugins page and you will find it quite easily. The plugin’s creator isDaniel Fruzynski. This plugin redirects any missing or mistyped links to your homepage.  



Search Engine Optimization

WordPress as a website platform is your first and best SEO tool.  You will come across many free website building tools out there that can simply and easily create a very attractive website.  I won’t list them here, but give them a wide berth.  Google will not give the websites built on these platforms the SEO juice you want and need.  



Social Media Resources and Tools

If This Then That: A favorite tool for automatically posting from one social media site to another, or even for automatically posting via RSS feed is If This Then That.  Google considers this a productivity tool and therefore doesn’t punish you for its use. This is a free tool as well.

NameChk: This is a great tool for identifying which sites have your business name available as a username.  You simply click through to that site to set up your business profile.  Also useful to see how well others in your marketplace are doing their social media job.  The sites listed are the ones that Google considers important.  

ManageFlitter:  This is a great Twitter resource.  Twitter is probably the most misunderstood social media site.  They are also the site that abhors automation the most.  ManageFlitter is one of the few that still allows you to automate some of your following/unfollowing tasks.  Fairly inexpensive, and useful for a few other sites as well.  

SlideShare:  Many would argue that this is more of a social site itself than a tool or resource, but they would be wrong.  SlideShare is owned by Linkedin, and while yes, you can and should cultivate followers and all the rest here, it’s main value is functionality.  Think of it as YouTube for Powerpoint presentations and PDF documents.  It allows you to embed these two file types into your web pages, but also gives you more targeted traffic than you would believe possible.  There is one more hidden trick with this that you can find by watching our social media webinar.  Don’t skip this site!

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