Content Marketing is vital to the success of your Brand Strategy. 

Hope you enjoy these insights into how to bring that about in a way that is beneficial to your business.





  • 1. MARKETING WISDOM 2 Hard Learned and Well Earned
  • 2. Good quality content can overcome poor quality SEO. Good Quality SEO cannot overcome poor quality content. Fortunately, you don’t have to choose…
  • 3. Write! Publish! Create! We need new ideas applied to the problems we face. Know in advance, your efforts won’t be perfect. The process of working them out will expose parts of the questions no one could predict in advance. The process of applying new ideas to even the oldest of problems, it is what is perfect. It is what will perfect your idea’s imperfections.
  • 4. What website owners want isn’t really SEO rankings, or an integrated Social Media Campaign. They do not want PPC campaigns or 5 Star Reviews either. What every website or business owner wants is for the people that want and need their products and services to find them online, and get exposure to their offers with an open mind. The rest of those things are vehicles. Simply a means to an end. It is easy to get lost in the minutiae of these things and lose sight of what is really the goal.
  • 5. Technology is a two edged sword. On the one hand it gives us the internet, which is pretty incredible as a way to reach humanity with your message, whatever that might be. On the other hand, it gives us that ever evolving technical marvel called Google, and its ever changing algorithm. Mastering it seems an ever moving target. The secret to this is one that SEO companies don’t want you to know: Google’s mission has never changed. To allow searchers to find what they seek. Answer people’s real life questions, and you win!
  • 6. The most successful marketing formula you can implement in your content marketing campaigns is to give away your business secrets to your prospects. Give your online readers enough information that they could in essence do your job without ever hiring you. This sort of transparency inspires confidence in your knowledge and abilities as well as a form of trust you cannot get any other way. Guess what? They don’t want to do your job.
  • 7. People don’t like to be sold. They never really did. Today learning to provide what they DO want is more important than ever… Fortunately, what they want is quite simple. Provide them with information about the need, or problem they are experiencing and then with their options. What options do they have to fill that need, or solve that problem. Don’t be afraid to offer options that don’t include you or your business. That’s where referrals are born.
  • 8. While sales and marketing are two very different disciplines, they must work together harmoniously for either to be successful. Many career salespeople find their tried and true techniques no longer work with modern marketing campaigns. This should not surprise any professionals in either discipline. If this concept is a struggle, spend some time with a good marketing consultant, and a good sales trainer to develop strategies where your sales process flows seamlessly from your marketing campaigns. This is always possible. Always.




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