These Marketing Wisdom slideshows have been getting a lot of attention both here and on Slideshare. 

The whole idea is to get the marketing ideas to flow. 

Sometimes they are about good ideas, and sometimes revealing some not so good.  Always a good idea to know!  Lol   

It’s all about the conversation…



  • 1. MARKETING WISDOM 4 Hard Learned and Well Earned
  • 2. Online marketing disciplines are rarely as well defined as you might think. SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media Marketing overlap so much that to attempt one without the others is a ridiculous undertaking. Show me one without the others, and I will show you each by means of the others.
  • 3. Developing an effective Brand Strategy for your business cannot be done without understanding the entire business model. Everything from sales process to product and service delivery needs to be considered. Brand Strategy is the vehicle with which your business will interact with the public. So much so that it’s expression is what we call the “Voice” of your business. Why would you want to limit its scope? When one part of your business speaks to the public, it should sound like the whole of your business.
  • 4. The most important rule of marketing is to get out there and do it. Rest assured, you will make mistakes. That is why it is so vital to test and measure your results. Do more of what works, and tweak what doesn’t until it makes no sense to keep trying it. The goal is to lower the cost of your efforts, and increase your ROI (return on investment). Remember that time is a cost too. So factor in your own labor in terms of time invested. Lather, Rinse, Repeat…
  • 5. Creating content is a great investment, as it can be repurposed into several formats, and used for multiple efforts and campaigns. An article is a Powerpoint is a series of images is a video is a webinar is an audio recording is a podcast is an ebook is a PDF is a white paper is a free report is an email course is content gold.
  • 6. People don’t tend to think of business people as creative types, but nothing is further from the truth. Everything from developing the business plan to training employees and salespeople and writing out the Brand Strategy is a creative endeavor. Each of these, and every other aspect of a business requires creative inspiration to allow the enterprise to become all that it can. Just remember not to over think, and get stuck in analysis paralysis. Seth Godin says it best: Artists Ship!
  • 7. Marketing mindset is arguably the most important aspect of your Brand Strategy, yet usually the least discussed and considered. It is useful to have a short document with a mission statement for your enterprise that allows you to quickly consider it whenever you are working on anything marketing related. Every promotion, every offer, every email, ad, text, article, video, webinar, podcast affects the relationship you have with the public. Ask yourself if what you are working on furthers that mission statement or not.
  • 8. Feel free to mimic your marketing heroes. Mine include Seth Godin, Frank Kern, Simon Sinek, and a great many others. A few local guys as well. You will find that you apply their methods, and mindsets in a way that becomes unique to you over time. It is how you will develop the “Voice” of your Brand Strategy, which will become pervasive in your content.
  • 9. Resist the urge to copy the marketing materials of those in your market arena. You are developing your own Brand Strategy Voice with a view to differentiating your enterprise within the marketplace. Duplicating ad copy and graphics may grab you a quick sale in the confusion created, but you also make yourself emotionally responsible in the public eye for the business sins of others. Own the mistakes you make openly and don’t point fingers, but let them own theirs too.
  • 10. Yes, in the last two slides I’ve advocated mimicking some while admonishing not to copy others. Is this a conflict? Not at all. Mimicking others is about finding inspiration, and using similar tools and emotional triggers. That doesn’t mean running other people’s work. Be sure you know what makes your work unique, just as you know what makes your enterprise unlike any other.






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