Content Marketing is as important to your Brand Strategy as it ever was. 

Which is hard to overstate. 

Creating relevant content is always useful, beneficial, and helpful to your market.  Create well thought out content and the market will come to you.




Marketing Wisdom – Hard Learned and Well Earned from Best Online Marketing Consultants

  • 1. MARKETING WISDOM Hard Learned and Well Earned
  • 2. Brand Strategy is the totality of how your marketing efforts come together, including everything from your sales process to your internet traffic sources. Simply put, everything affecting how your business is marketed is Brand Strategy. It should be consistent and harmonious in all its components. How all of this is conveyed to your market is referred to as the Voice of your Brand Strategy. Think of this Voice as the personality of your business. The beauty of this is that it can be whatever you need it to be without regard to your own personal traits and characteristics. It can be whatever you need and want it to be.
  • 3. Start thinking of those in the same business as you, and the same market as you as colleagues instead of competitors. Treat them with respect as a default within your thoughts, day to day dealings with the public, and marketing activities. Then watch as the market’s level of trust and respect is raised, and their attitude toward all in your market elevates. Making you a market leader.
  • 4. SEO isn’t just about ranking at the top of Google for tough keywords. It’s about letting the world know what your website, and your business are all about. Legendary copywriter Gary Halbert said that he wanted no other advantage than a starving crowd. The best SEO finds the crowd starving for what your website, and business have to offer.
  • 5. Social Media Marketing is as much a vehicle for the rest of your marketing as it is a discipline of its own. Yes, posting images and content formatted just for social platforms is important in its own right. Try effectively running content marketing, SEO, or any aspect of Brand Strategy without Social Media. It is just not possible. Social Media is as much a vehicle for the rest of your marketing strategy as its own category of marketing.
  • 6. Seth Godin says that people no longer buy products and services, they buy Relations, Stories, and Magic. When you interact with the public, you create the Relations. Figure out your Story and you have most of your Brand Strategy. And when those two come together? Magic
  • 7. What is Content Marketing? A lot has been written on the subject, which is confusing because no aspect of marketing doesn’t require content. Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is Content Marketing Social Media Marketing is Content Marketing Content Marketing is mostly a useful term to help you understand that how you tell your story require a little science, a little art, and hopefully as it comes together… Magic!
  • 8. The center of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle is where we should always start. Start with the Why. There are two aspects to this in business, and we need to understand each of them if we want to not just succeed, but to excel. We need to understand our own motivation: Why are we in this business? Why do we do what we do? And our prospective customer’s: Why should they want our products and/or services


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