A statement such as needing a new Webmaster, as opposed to a new Website can be dangerous in it’s breadth. It isn’t meant to be a law applicable to all businesses. On the other hand, more and more people tend to go straight for a new website project when they seek to improve their online marketing efforts. This is expensive in terms of both time, and revenue. It is also usually not the real issue.


Make no mistake, your company website is the centerpiece of your digital marketing. All that you do on social media, with mobile marketing, and many times in old school media points your prospects back to your website and the pages you set up there for marketing campaigns. Most companies invest in a new website every four to six years, and for good reason. That is probably in the process of changing though.


With the advent of more advanced, flexible, and customize-able themes like Divi by Elegant Themes for WordPress, your website can evolve over time. Major overhauls of your website should become tied more to changes in your business plan then with changing trends in look and feel. Yes, this example assumes you are using WordPress as your platform. The same can be said of other platforms as well.

Current platforms are all moving towards more robust technology and coding that can and do allow for even substantial website changes without even changing the bast theme or template. This is huge, but it also creates certain challenges.


The Traditional Webmaster Role


Your webmaster has always been the guy that tweaks your website, fixes typos, adds forms as well as content, and keeps all your plugins updated and in working order. Traditionally this has been one person, whether that is someone in your company, or the guy that hosts your website. This creates a HUGE exposure. Many of us have experienced the downsides to this model over time, but still not learned the big lessen.

If your webmaster is in house, you may find that as they pick up a broader skill set they can market themselves for more than you can afford to pay them. The other possibility is that they are also fulfilling another vital role in your organization. So what happens when the roles conflict? If there is an emergency in his or her job as say a scheduler, and your website goes down in the middle of a campaign which do they address?

It is still quite common to have your website hosted through a webmaster type of service as well. This has all to often resulted in websites, domains, and even social media accounts being held captive by upset people, or credit cards not being current.

Whether your webmaster is a solitary staff person, or one individual vendor there is a question that we ask our consulting clients whether we are talking about websites, payroll administrators, salespeople responsible for the majority of revenues, or just about any other area of business:

“What happens if they get hit by a bus?”

Whether that “bus” is literal, an illness, sudden relocation, divorce, family emergency, or a thousand other things is immaterial. The end result is the same. Your digital properties are inaccessible at best, and completely offline at worst. Could you rebuild your website if you had to? Could you even log into your server, your website installation, social media accounts, domain registrar, or the various and sundry email marketing, video editing, and stock image accounts that get used day in and day out?


Webmaster Interaction


From day to day, and week to week your webmaster is in contact with all of the entities you utilize in your online marketing efforts.

  • Web Design/Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Facebook/Google/Instagram/LinkedIn Ad Specialists
  • Copywriters/Content Creators
  • Plugin Developers

The point of the list isn’t for resource purposes. It is to highlight the need for all of these to come together and work… Together

The need for this gets more and more pressing, as settings on plugins, on other platforms, and a myriad of other aspects need to seamlessly interact. For that to happen there needs to be seamless cooperation between all of these. Better yet, all settings, campaigns, and the like need to be handled by one entity. The New Webmaster!


The New Webmaster


There is a new type of Webmaster that you should consider utilizing. This isn’t a member of your own staff. It isn’t a service provided by your website hosting vendor. It isn’t even a single person.

You don’t want a WP Theme that was built by a lone developer without a support team behind the scenes, as he may not be around to keep up with WP updates. Likewise, a lone Webmaster may not be available to address needed updates to any number of things. This can cause HUGE interruptions and issues that send shock waves across your entire business.

The answer to these issues is that your New Webmaster isn’t one person, but an organization. This organization should also be the ones updating and facilitating the evolution of your website. How else can your sites, landing pages, social media campaigns, and email marketing stay consistent in look, feel, and voice?

An organization can afford the software to automate keeping all of your web platform updates, plugins, and third party services current and functioning seamlessly.

An organization can assign someone to research replacement plugins and services when long standing ones are abandoned, or become less than what you need.

An organization can provide a wide range of services, maintain access for their clients to prevent even the appearance of being locked out,

An organization is the best choice for your New Webmaster because it ends up costing far less using one organization as the focal point for all of your digital marketing needs.

That’s right, your New Webmaster should be a full service digital marketing firm. Most businesses that work with such a firm don’t use them as their Webmasters, but they could, and should. This way, the settings are being adjusted by the same people responsible for updates, etc. It’s about continuity. It’s about feasibility. It’s about common sense. Lastly, it’s also the most cost effective solution you will find.

Your staff member isn’t productive with the rest of their responsibilities when chasing down info about problems with the MailChimp form on your website. Marketing organizations have people that stay current on changes in the industry, bugs found in marketing software and services, and all the new image dimensions on social media sites.

By supplying Webmaster services to our clients here with Best Online Marketing Consultants we free up their staff, we streamline our own efforts, and we hugely reduce downtime on their websites, and technical problems that can grind marketing campaigns to a halt. We do these for no additional charge.  Why?  Because it saves us time and effort as well.

We do not offer Webmaster services as a stand alone program for the same reasons listed throughout this article. Even if done flawlessly, the inefficiency inherent in the arrangement renders it a doomed situation.

Find out if your primary marketing agency or consultants will provide these services.  If so, make sure they will do it either gratis, or at a very low cost as it will make them more productive as well.


A Webmaster Case Study


Recently, a client’s website went down.  The problem turned out to have been caused by an abandoned WordPress plugin that had been installed by the web design (not BOMC) that performed one small SEO functionality.

Notification of the problem did not come from the client, but from software used in house. Diagnosing the problem was quick and easy due to the same WordPress monitoring and updating software.  Within less than 15 minutes, the offending plugin had been removed, a replacement plugin selected, installed and configured, and the rest of our clients sites checked for the same problem.

Had this been handled by a conventional Webmaster relationship, the site may or may not have been back up within the next 48 hours, with replacement functionality having to wait until the SEO company, the web design company, or both had been consulted and all parties agreed to the method of repair.

Using a broader based firm allows for quick and easy fixes on the fly (as well as more than a little prevention) and for different departments to be consulted quicker and agreement to be reached more easily.


Menu Of Webmaster And Marketing Services


Stop and think about the various firms and vendors you utilize for your digital marketing efforts. Some, you will have no choice but to contract a stand alone company to fill that need, but usually this can and should be coordinated through a master agency or consultancy.

Below is a list of services offered here.  Many firms offer most if not all of these services, but few will coordinate the rest of them through their overall program.  This is a shame. Our approach is that we don’t have competitors, but we do have colleagues across the industry.  This perspective allows us to gain the respect and cooperation of the firms our clients already utilize.


Menu of Services


  • Webmaster Services
  • SEO Services
  • Content Creation and Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphic Design and Print Material Fulfillment
  • Email Marketing and Copywriting
  • Website Design and Development
  • Website Evolution
  • Mobile Marketing – SMS
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Paid Marketing Campaigns
    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Instagram
    • YouTube
    • LinkedIn

If your company or business utilizes several of these services, we would be happy to give you a free consultation on how to facilitate a New Webmaster role either through us, or someone you currently use. Please contact by filling out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.



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