Real estate agencies, weight loss clinics, cosmetic surgeons, and marketing agencies are all in highly competitive niches.  Standing out in the crowd is a huge marketing challenge.

They each have the same tech available to promote themselves, and many in each market use a wide variety of it.

SEO is important in getting notices, but there are others up there being seen too.  Only one enterprise is going to show up tops in each search query, They don’t get every call though.

Positioning in a market isn’t all about these things. Usually the difference is who has positioned themselves as THE authority in that market.

The way to accomplish this is with Content Marketing as a huge part of Brand Strategy.


Your Brand Strategy Arsenal


Competitive Markets mean that there are a lot of tools available for marketing purposes, and likely if you are in one of these niches you are using many if not all of what is available.  Part of Brand Strategy is selecting, and effectively using vehicles that will promote your enterprise. 

Brand StrategyThese include but are not limited to: 

    • SEO – Getting found in the search engines.  Gotta be done.  The more competitive the niche, the more work this is. 
    • PPC Ads – Pay Per Click advertising is nearly an art form.  Google, Facebook and many more paid ad resources are a great way to promote. 
    • Direct Response Ads – Usually on sites like Instagram and Tumblr and so much more than ppc.
    • Social Media Marketing – Includes more than can be included in a bullet point.
    • Groupon Offers – Of course Groupon isn’t the only resource for these offers, but they are a huge boon in competitive markets.
    • SMS or Text Message Marketing – For everything from appointment reminders to follow up marketing.   
    • Proximity Marketing – Google may have walked away, but many providers haven’t.  The devices are incredibly useful for a lot more than just virtual tours.
    • Virtual Tours – Real Estate and vacation rentals aren’t the only way this tech can be used. 
    • Reputation Management – Review enhancement and customer service vehicle all in one. 
    • Email Marketing  – It has been said before, but it is still true today.  The money is in the list.  There are more lists now than ever, but your email list remains paramount,


These are not meant to be an exhaustive list but a way to get you thinking about what you are doing. 

Also how they can work together as a part of a comprehensive Brand Strategy is not an insubstantial endeavor.  The way they do should intersect in a little thing known as Content Marketing.


Content Marketing: It Is Not Just One Thing


The list contains a lot of vehicles, but it also provides a ton of what has to be seen as content.  And content is obviously the fuel that drives Content Marketing.  It can be used in so many ways. 

Repurposing the end results of other marketing efforts only makes sense.  It takes a moment in time and makes it an evergreen part of what you do day in and day out to promote your enterprise.

Virtual Tours become video marketing and social media images to brand and repurpose.  Groupons become SMS offers and rotating website offers, as do direct response ads.  The reverse is true too, as you can convert successful SMS offers into Groupons, etc.  And all of these can feed your email marketing list building so you can repeat exposure to your existing customers.

When done well, not one part of your Brand Strategy is static.  It becomes a living breathing part of how you are seen within your market.  That’s right: YOUR Market 



Content Marketing Positions You as

THE Authority in the Market


When done well is always the caveat with Content Marketing.  There has to be substance backing up the content. 

Engaging in all of the above types of marketing will provide adequate fuel to back it up, but being positioned as the authority in your market means you have sufficient expertise in the field as well. 

Content Marketing done well is an expression of that expertise or authority that creates buzz around your enterprise and makes you the first thought when people interact in your market. 

It can not do that if you don’t already have that in you, as no doubt several in your niche do to a greater or lesser degree.  Here is the cool part about all of this.  Engaging in Content Marketing will gain you not just exposure, but knowledge and expertise will grow, or be revealed that you were unaware of. 

So lacking that authority or expertise is not a reason to hold back, making Content Marketing an imperative for all in every niche. 

So you see, Content Marketing is not just a vehicle to positioning in the market, but also a source of the authority and expertise that backs it up.


Content Marketing With Articles:

A Whole New Level of Authority


Content Marketing covers the entire gamut of formats that content can take which is pretty substantial.  Most are of short or limited scope, and while important cannot provide the depth of knowledge and information a well written article can. 

This makes article writing a Content Marketing vehicle that can position you in the market unlike any other.  Article writing becomes a nexus for all of the other aspects involved here. 

Nothing provides more evidence of expertise and authority than a portfolio of well written articles or blog posts on your own website. 

These should be published elsewhere also, but always with an eye to providing your own web properties with its lifeblood of targeted traffic.  Readers eager to be educated, enlightened and have their opinions of your authority elevated. 

Creating this level of authority takes a bit of time as your catalog grows, but no aspect of your Content Marketing efforts will pay the dividends that this does.   Done properly it also will elevate your SEO results exponentially. 

The most often cited objection to this activity is that of subject matter.  What should you write about?  That is actually the easy part:  Let Google tell you!



Selecting Your Article’s Subject Matter For

Maximum Content Marketing Effect


When people want information on a subject, they go to Google.  It’s just what they do!  So it only makes sense to go to the same place when you want to know what people are asking about a subject. 

Google Search QueryUsing Google to write article titles is an old trick, and one that should be used each and every time you write on a subject.  Start a search query (type into Google’s search interface) with your primary keyword(s) and watch the drop down box for the most common searches beginning with those words. 

Results should include articles from known market leaders, and preferably show some ads on the page.  

This is a great way to find topics, if not complete titles.  Once you select one of these from the drop down, take a look at the articles that come up in that search.  Now you also know what the top competitors in the niche are writing about.  No need to exactly copy any titles, as Google is quite good at interpreting titles for the applicable search queries. 

Subtitles should be researched and written the same way.  They should also contain your main keywords.  No subtitles like “So What Is Next?”  Use instead something like: “Your Next Content Marketing Step”

Another great source of subject matter is your own staff that interacts with prospects.  They no doubt can tell you the most common questions they get while dealing with day to day business.  You probably have a fair number of ideas in this realm yourself.  The important thing is to answer the questions your prospects are interested in hearing about. 

Don’t hold back anything either!  A common misconception is that if you give away too much information, they will shop elsewhere in order to get the lowest price, or use the info gleaned to go around you. 

Does that happen?  To an extent, yes.  Far less though than it gains you business from those appreciating your transparency, knowledge, and generosity of spirit.  Plus, the people you lose this way are generally problem clients anyway. 

You gain not just business, but a better quality of business by pursuing a course of selling less, and giving more in terms of your knowledge and experience.


Enjoying The Benefits of Authority Gained

By Content Marketing With Articles


You will notice a few things over time that as your article inventory grows, along with the rest of the Content Marketing avenues you pursue.

Your business will be less about price.  Few tire kickers and bargain hunters will see you as a way to pinch some pennies when you are the market leader. 

In the 1990s running a skylight installation company, once we had established ourselves as the market leader and installed thousands of units, we never had to offer discounts even though our pricing was at the top of the market.  Our reputation meant they had no worries about leakage, or damage to their home during installation. 

This was all pre-internet and we had to find other ways to spread work of our expertise and knowledge in the industry to homeowners, but the concept is the same.  Our market position meant that we could decide ahead of time that what Seth Godin describes as the “Race to the Bottom” wasn’t for us. 

Seth also stresses telling a better story.  There is not better way to accomplish this than Content Marketing. 

Telling your stories in articles and blog posts as the authority in your marketplace means those stories become a part of the culture within that market, and the public starts to spread those stories for you.  Your content and reputation takes on a life of its own and your authority spreads. 

This all starts with a Content Marketing Strategy that includes not just the vehicles included in all campaigns, but a defined purpose of creating authority in the marketplace. 

Click below and get started on that strategy today.

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