Many find Content Marketing to be ineffective.  The fault doesn’t lie with the concept, but with the lack of purpose behind the content created.

If created without specific purpose behind it, your posts of whatever format have little chance at success.  The process of creating these items must be all about the purposes to which it is being put.

Yes Purposes!  Each and every piece of content you create should have multiple purposes.

Let’s review these.


Content Marketing Purposes –


Each of the following purposes was discussed in our last article, The Purpose of Content Marketing 


Each of these qualifies as a primary purpose when you create content.  Usually one of these will be in the forefront of your thought process when you begin building or creating in whatever format you select. 

That shouldn’t stop you from using that content to accomplish some, or all of the others within that same content. 


Combining Purposes Within Your Content


Article WritingBy all means, create your content from a mindset of fulfilling one of the above primarily.  Perhaps even completing a version with that purpose alone before considering others if that is simpler for you. 

Approach each piece of content creation with a primary purpose in mind.  

At some point though, take a look at the list and think about what else can be accomplished.   It is rare that several of these can’t be addressed in every item created. 

Every article we write and publish accomplished some aspect of every one of the items on our list. 

Article writing is usually done with a view toward Authority Building as a primary purpose.  Writing articles is done with that as the only goal initially.  Once a first draft is complete we add a few items, as well as reformat for other places to publish, as well as to accomplish other purposes. 

Some of the other purposes are accomplished by virtue of publishing the article here on our website.  Others by virtue of sharing the article URL to social media sites. 

The content itself is formatted at the time of posting for maximum SEO results as well.  Every article ends with a Call To Action offering a no cost consultation, so there is also a sales building aspect.  


Reformatting Content For Other Purposes


Creating ContentEvery piece of content you create needs to be repurposed, usually a few times.  An article can be turned into a Powerpoint, and then a video and/or audio file. The featured image can be posted to image sharing sites, and a PDF version of the article can be used several different ways. 

When you do this, ask yourself if posting these reformatted versions requires you to reconsider what the primary purpose of the content is.  If so, more may be needed than simply converting from one file type to another.   

Reformatting gives you another opportunity as well.  It is a good idea to rework the title even modestly when you reformat and publish elsewhere as it gives you another opportunity to rank with search engines for more keyword phrases. 

There is another consideration when reformatting that has to be addressed.   Whatever format you are working in or on, maintain the voice you are creating within your brand strategy.  The goal is for your readers, fans, and followers to be able to recognize that voice wherever they find it.   

Going back to reformat content you created in the past is another opportunity to establish your brand strategy using that voice as well.  You may not have been using some platforms when you created that content, or the platform may not have even existed then. 

Going back over old content will also point up places where updates are needed, or new ideas may present themselves that didn’t before.  Content Marketing is great because it feeds on itself, presenting new opportunities constantly, which allows for new purposes to be addressed as well.



The Purpose Driven Content Marketer


A lot is being written and published about the ineffectiveness of Content Marketing.  This is only true if you leave out the purpose driven part of the equation. 

Anybody can crank out content that is relevant to a market niche.  Doing so even in huge quantities will do little for an enterprise if there is no definitive purpose driving that content.  If every piece of content created is done so with its primary purpose firmly in mind, being ineffective is highly unlikely. 

Time and experience will improve the results you receive, as with any other skill you develop.  Marketing means trying things, measuring the results, and doing more of what works, and less of what doesn’t.  Salvage what you can by tweaking until you are certain the idea just doesn’t work, and try other new things. 

Lather, Rinse, Repeat…   

That is the job of the Content Marketer.  Shoot, of any marketing professional.



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