Self Funding Website Deals

New business endeavors and business expansions are always more expensive than we hope for.  Developing a website for the business or project may not be the most expensive part of the budget, but neither is it the smallest.

Arguably it is one of the most important things to wrap up early, so that investors, and/or the prospect pool have something to answer their questions.

The Best Online Marketing Consultants have come up with a trio of ways to minimize the cost of your website without sacrificing quality.

Why not get the best of both worlds?  Don’t settle for a cut rate website put together hastily by some friends kid that will throw something together for a couple hundred dollars.  Take a look at the presentation below and I think you will find a plan suitable for your needs.







Again, the options are:

  1. We will pay you each month for advertising in the footer of your website.  Once the site is live, we give you back one twelfth of what you paid for it in exchange for a simple link in the footer.  It is quite unobtrusive. The footer of this website contains the specific link we are speaking of. It is labelled “Get A Self Funding Website”.

  2. You can also choose to get one free year of SEO and Social Media Management.  This is a larger value that even getting the website at a net zero cost.

  3. You can also get the website at zero additional cost when you purchase a business funding campaign.  We collect a fee of ten percent of your one year funding goal.  At the end of the year your funding will be complete, and your site will have been up and live for at least ten months.





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