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Every marketing agency online today offers “SEO Services” the same way. SEO Services

A lot of technical jargon about providing a “Data Driven Approach” to achieving Google rankings that will drive untold numbers of targeted visitors to your site. 

Every agency including ours has access to the exact same “best” SEO reports to be found.  We can all talk about them for hours too, after which you still won’t know the answer to the most important question of all. 

You know where you want to drive them, but the important question is where do they want to be driven? 

Several times here we have written about Gary Halbert, the greatest copywriter of all time, and one of the greatest marketers as well.  One of his most famous lines is about the one advantage he wants in marketing above all others:  A starving crowd.   

The question about where your visitors want to be driven is answered by what they are starving for.  Without this knowledge, all the data in the those reports is meaningless. 

Creating an SEO strategy that gets you where you want to go is all about finding out what your market is starving for, providing it, and letting them know where to find it. 

Yes, we can use the SEMRush reports you’ve heard about, and more than that we know what to do with that data. 

    • Will you rank for your important keywords over time?  You bet you will! 
    • Will people be able to find you if they search for you directly?  Again, a definitive yes. 

These are things that can be accomplished by any competent SEO technician, and we have those too.  Our team will also help craft an SEO strategy as a part of your overall brand strategy that will find your starving crowd, and satisfy that hunger. 

An SEO strategy that doesn’t encompass social media, content marketing, and unique written content published on your website is incomplete. We provide complete, data driven plans and reports, but better yet, we know where you need to be driving. 

Grab yourself a no cost consultation below, and let us map out an SEO trip to where your website and business need to be.



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