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Marketing on social media platforms is part of any effective marketing strategy.

Try building a brand strategy, a content marketing strategy, or an effective SEO strategy without social media today.  You simply cannot do it. 

Social media is as integral to marketing today as the Yellow Pages were before the internet.  Why fight it, when it is so useful in so many ways. 

Creating posts for each unique platform can be challenging, to be certain.  Re-purposing content from your website is the place to start,  Just be sure you use it as a part of a well planned strategy as opposed to posting something just because you know you should post something. 

Content formats are not infinite, and if you created written content like articles or blog posts, images to promote that written content, and even audio recording like podcasts or tutorials, you have the raw tools to create videos, Powerpoint presentations, PDF whitepapers, and just about anything else you might need. 

The real key to social media marketing success though is a plan drawn out in harmony with your brand strategy.  Watch our Brand Strategy Webinar to learn about this vital piece of your marketing plan.

Having a brand strategy in place, as well as a social media plan (and calendar) will help you in developing your brand’s voice, which you will use, and expand in your social media posts and campaigns. 

None of this happens overnight. 

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