Seth Godin says that people don’t buy products and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic.


What better way to do all of that than with Content Marketing? Using your content to tell a better story means opportunity.


Opportunity to tell a better story than the rest of the marketplace. A better story creates relations with your clients, and results in magic.


Before any of that can happen you have to come up with that better story though. Deciding who you are as a business goes a long way toward writing that story.


Exactly what that means is up  to you.  Crafting a story that evokes feelings from your clientele creates magic. Which makes for a better story.


Better than what you ask?  Better than the story being told by the other options within your marketplace.



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Repurpose Content in Multiple Formats

Repurpose Content in Multiple Formats

Content Marketing is a quality game at its heart, but a numbers game as well.  When you write an article, why stop there?   An article has potential in just about any format you can think of.  Create a PowerPoint presentation, and each slide is an individual...

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