Most will think it strange to ask if a Webmaster is an SEO Specialist.  On the surface, they seem to be two different activities.  In practice, the reverse is true.  The person taking day to day care of your website and internet properties needs an intimate knowledge of the SEO efforts taking place on your behalf.


The Role Of The Webmaster


Day in and day out your webmaster makes certain that your website, and indeed all of your web properties are running at optimal capability.  In the case of your website.this means keeping WordPress  (or whatever content managements system you use) and your plugins updated and their settings accurate for your purposes.

Many businesses have their webmasters add new images to galleries, posts and pages as a matter of routine.  Changing out pages and setting up new promotions is also a part of the job in most cases.  Add in email administration and you’re still not close to all that these people are responsible for.

Taking all of this into account, how can you expect them to be competent SEO Specialists too?  The real question is how can you not demand it.


Webmaster’s SEO Work


Take just a few of these and think them through for a minute and you will see that the two areas overlap quite a bit.  Your Webmaster really is an SEO worker, it’s just a matter of whether or not they are effective or not.

  • Adding/switching images – Every time you add an image to your website there is SEO work to do.  What is the Title of the image, as well as the Alternate Title?  Now how do you write the description?  What is the image linked back to?  All of these are concerns best answered by an SEO Specialist.  Image sizing is a huge issue as well.  Preferred sizing is not static either.  These things change.
  • Updating Plugins and their settings – Whether with WordPress, Joomla, or any other website platform much of your website’s functionality is provided by plugins.  Updating plugins is usually a very simple task, but not always. Sometimes there is a significant addition of functions, and other times new versions will conflict with other plugins.  Adjusting setting will sometimes solve confliction issues, but sometimes a plugin must replace one or the other of those in conflict.  Replacing SEO plugins is a delicate thing if you don’t have a certain level of expertise.
  • Adding Pages/Promotions – Anyone adding a webpage, or content to an existing page/post is engaging in SEO work.  This is unavoidable, and needs to be done properly the first time for maximum effect.  Setting up a page is when you set the URL that Google will hopefully index and rank appreciatively.  If the Webmaster doesn’t know proper Google etiquette, your rankings, and therefore web traffic will suffer.
  • Social Media Management – An area that frequently gets ignored in regards to SEO is that of social media management.  We’ve already discussed image sizing, which is a huge deal for sharing on social media.  There is much more involved here that can adversely effect your SEO rankings.  Is your Webmaster using an automated system like HootSuite?  There are appropriate, and inappropriate ways to use most social media automation.  This can and does change regularly.  A Webmaster must stay current with what should and should not be done in this regard.

This isn’t even close to an exhaustive list.  Yet it does highlight the fact that the role of Webmaster is a lot more of an SEO Specialist position than most think it is.


Finding An SEO Specialist Webmaster


Of course, it’s quite easy to say all of this, but how does one go about finding an SEO Specialist that wants such work?

It’s simpler than you would think.  Using an in house staff member will no longer suffice.  Neither will using your web hosting guy.  You should be using a full service digital marketing agency for your SEO work.  They should offer Webmaster services as well.

Here at BOMC we not only offer them to our clients, we don’t charge extra for them.  Why?  Because as you’ve seen above, SEO work is part and parcel with the job of the Webmaster.  It’s frankly easier and cheaper to do it right ourselves the first time.  Contact us through the form below or in the sidebar and get a no cost consultation.



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