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Webmaster services have traditionally been where the most basic website work is done.  It has gotten very little respect over the years in online marketing, which is a shame.


At its heart the work done by webmasters can make or break the SEO, social media, and content marketing efforts of any business.  This means that a good webmaster is both extremely important, and needs to have a wide variety of skills. 

Part SEO tech, part graphic design person, and part website development worker.  The work is important, and the budget for such a person is usually nonexistent.  Our BOMC team gets around this by giving these services away to our clients.  If you are a client in any way, these services are yours at no additional cost. 

These services include: 

    • Hosting with Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage 
    • Email Administration via Gmail (Google fees not included)
    • Image Posting Including Proper SEO 
    • Article or Blog Posting Including Proper SEO 
    • Web Page Updating for Specials or Seasonality 
    • Simple New Page Creation Including Proper SEO 
    • WordPress, Plugin and Theme Updates 
    • Website Backups and Storage 
    • Website Security and Recovery

The list is designed to cover a wide range of services not spelled out. 

Our menu of services can be described as those of a full service marketing agency/consultancy.  Essentially, if you need marketing assistance, we are here to help. 

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