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Website DesignMost businesses online marketing adventure begins with website development.  With the tools available today, designing a visually appealing website and functional is no real challenge.


Doing so within a well thought out brand strategy consistent with a unique voice reflected in that website’s content?  A worthwhile task…


Most business websites today are built using WordPress.  Most WordPress websites are built using one of just a handful of themes (templates) which is a safety net of sorts should anything happen to your web designer, or the underlying company. 


Our work is primarily done using the Divi theme by Elegant Themes.  Their customer service is excellent, and most experienced website developers are familiar with their products.  Should your business have need of other platforms, themes or plugins our team has experience with a wide variety of platforms, etc.  


Early discussions regarding web development will have as much to do with the brand strategy you are seeking as it will about such technical choices.  Standard time for a website design and development project is 90 days, but we have accommodated emergency builds and rebuilds in as little as a week. 


Lately we have found that website updates are a growing part of our business.  Frankly, why go to the expense of a completely new website when all of your objectives can be accomplished at a fraction of the price. 


Request a no-cost consultation regarding website development, or website upgrading and we will supply you with samples appropriate to your project. 

More importantly our team can work with yours to create a brand strategy for your website, consistent with that for all of your online marketing efforts. 

Not sure what that means?   Watch the Brand Strategy Webinar 


Creating a comprehensive brand strategy with your staff, and harmonizing that with a visually compelling website is a passion our team excels at. 


Your completed website will be consistent with your social media presence and all other online marketing already established, even if that needs a makeover too. 

Nothing else would make sense.  Your brand strategy wouldn’t be complete, or consistent.  And that just isn’t what a BOMC website could ever be.




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