The titles and subtitles in your articles or blog posts are the most important thing you will write from an SEO standpoint.  These tell Google’s spiders what your article is about more than anything else.


While there are many quality tools out there to assist you in writing effective titles, why not simply write them in Google’s search box?


You will immediately see how many results are returned, if there are ads on the results page (a good indication you’ve got a winner) and if those in the top three spots are industry leaders.


While a lot of us professionals in SEO write our titles this way, most of us don’t bother to do this for our subtitles.  A huge opportunity missed!


This is a practice we have recently adopted, and it is already paying off in additional rankings, search engine traffic.


The structure, and resulting quality of your content will increase as well, as you will usually be writing what amounts to an outline of your content up front.


Clear, concise content is useful, quality content which achieves high SEO rankings consistently.



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